The Company

Showing new ways forward, shaping the future: STW business experts GmbH

Strong partnerships and sound consulting are the key pillars of business success. That is why the professed aim of STW business experts GmbH is to support its clients in turbulent times as an abiding consulting partner. As business experts, we support companies on their path to the future – in a sound, targeted manner and well-rooted in practical experience.

For us, knowing how the market ticks is key. Only those who are familiar with daily challenges from their own experience are able to help others master those challenges. That is why we have established a presence at three strategically important locations: Paris, London and Bremen.

A river knows its destination. So do we.

The Seine, the Thames, the Weser: three rivers that have brought people and goods to their destination for centuries. As a symbol for reliability, they have become our eponym. Because our function is the same: to guide our clients safely to the destinations they have set themselves.

A river knows its destination. So do we.